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eXclusiv! Interviu roman-englez! Iemima Ploscariu: Traiesc in America, dar am sufletul in Romania!

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Iemima Ploscariu este o tanara de 21 de ani, nascuta in Baia de Arama si care traieste in prezent cu parintii in SUA. Pentru a pastra originalitatea raspunsurilor ei, am pastrat si limba in care aceste raspunsuri au fost redactate pentru a nu denatura sensul…Prin urmare va fi un interviu romano-american:) Sa vedem ce a iesit!

Reporter: Povesteste putin despre tine…

Iemima: My name is Iemima Ploscariu. I was born in November 1989 in Baia de Arama. I currently live in Sacramento, California. I graduated in May 2010 from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Reporter: Ce iubesti tu cel mai mult la Romania, lucru pe care nu l-ai gasit nici astazi in America?

Iemima: The thing I love most about Romania is the deep sense of history and an awareness of the past that I don’t feel is quite the same in America because her history is not as old. I also love the green hills in Oltenia where my grandparents live. Nothing in the world can compare to that place.

Reporter: Ce inseamna pentru tine Visul American in contextul in care tu chiar faci parte din el?

Iemima: For me the American dream is not based on materialism. It is the opportunity to pursue an education and be beneficial to society. The American dream to me is freedom to pursue my academic aspirations to be a helpful member of society not only in America but anywhere in the world. And I have not only the freedom but the right to the pursuit of happiness.

Reporter: Care sunt primele trei lucruri care iti vin in minte cand vine vorba despre ce nu iti place la SUA?

Iemima: The first three things I don’t like about America are the rampant consumerism, the obsession with work (the whole live to work rather than work to live), and the egocentrism among Americans that the American culture is the best.

Reporter: Povesteste o intamplare haioasa de la Scoala de Vara de la Sulina?

Iemima: The most ridiculous thing while on the Sulina trip occured as we travelled back to Bucuresti. The bus broke down in Tulcea and we walked to the town of Nicolae Balcescu. There we started to eat fruit off the trees until the lady from Italy asked some locals for water and then for food. Talking to the elderly ladies who served us Tuica was wonderful and like something out of the movie „My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Visiting the town’s old Orthodox church was amazing but convicting at the same time, to see such history wearing away.

Reporter: Un mesaj pentru tinerii din Romania

Iemima: I urge the youth of Romania to put love and humility at the forefront of their actions. We are here on this earth to work together for a better course for humans and this planet. It’s good to be ambitious but success can be achieved without oppression and stepping on the backs of others. You are not the future of Romania, you are her present. If you love your neighbor as you love yourself and sincerely care for your fellow Romanians, you have the power to do so much more. There is enough meaness in this world. Let Romanians be known for their kindess towards each other and towards others.

Bogdan Daradan

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