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Dilhan Gungor, speaker la Workshop Maraton – Presainblugi va fi acolo! TU cand vii?

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Stiti ce se va intampla in Bucuresti pe 20 MARTIE? Daca inca n-ati aflat mai aveti exact 30 de zile ca sa faceti rost de un loc la evenimentul anului din Capitala. Ce se va intampla ? O ZI – 12 SPEAKERI, cele mai noi informatii despre evenimente, cele mai bune perspective de cariera…Quality know how, fun and relax in the same time

Si daca tot vorbim de speakeri, vreau sa va prezint varful de lance al evenimentului…DILHAN GUNGOR

Speakerul international care va da startul maratonului a lucrat in Romania timp de 6 ani si a coordonat peste 42 de evenimente, printre care concertele : Sting, Shakira, Madonna, Roxette, Lady Gaga si Red Hot Chilli Peppers la care au fost prezenti peste 50.000 de spectatori.

Dar despre proiectele ei din prezent in randurile care urmeaza…Si pentru ca vorbim de un speaker de calibru n-am vrut sa intervin asupra raspunsurilor asa ca urmeaza sa cititi un interviu in limba engleza...

BOGDAN DARADAN: What’s your opinion about the event “Workshops Marathon in Events Management”.

Dilhan Gungor: As most of the many other firsts, it’ll show its effect on the market in due time. Considering there aren’t many opportunities in getting an education in events management, I believe these workshops are the best chances for event management enthusiasts and youngster who consider a carrier in event management to learn and hear about the business. 

BOGDAN DARADAN: What does the Pozitif Live concept mean?

Dilhan Gungor: Pozitif Live is part of an umbrella company(Pozitif Group) which works solely on the Live Events’ Management. The company mainly focuses on promoting international acts either as part of festivals or as single gigs.

Pozitif Live is a Pozitif vibration. Pozitif is Turkey’s leading live entertainment company, operating in complimentary fields of the music and entertainment industry since 1989.  Pozitif holds the pole position in Turkey’s concert, festival & family entertainment landscape. It is home to critically acclaimed long-term music festivals such as One Love Festival, Blues Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival. The company is also active in venue management, owning and operating well known venues such as Babylon as well as new venues such as Black Box Istanbul (due to launch in 2014).

BOGDAN DARADAN: What’s the secret behind your smile? How you succeed to look only at the positive side of things?

Dilhan Gungor: Unfortunately I have to tell you that I’m  not looking everything on the positive side, actually I’m a big ‘realist’. But actually life is a production, and not all productions go smoothly so looking at the negative side of things will only make your life miserable. Just acknowledge the problem and move forward – not away! Fix it with as little drama as possible and move on. Because be sure, the next problem will be just around the corner.. and also it makes people crazy if you keep on smiling when they think there is a huge problem because the toilets on the pitch don’t have any electricity& people cannot inside the toilets. come on bro, just some light cabling or battery operated led lights and poof in 15minutes you’re done. 🙂 

BOGDAN DARADAN : Which do you think are the similarities between Turkey and Romania?

Dilhan Gungor: Many things. I have to say it wasn’t much of a hassle for me to deal with the Romanian audience or the Romanian suppliers & partners because the music business in Romania is still being formed just like in Turkey, but I’m not gonna give away all details of my speech 😉 

BOGDAN DARADAN: What projects do you have in progress in 2014?

Dilhan Gungor: Nothing is announced yet so I’m not at liberty to tell you the names. We’ll be having a stadium tour production of Turkish artist, several stand alone stadium shows, Black Box (our indoor venue) will be opening beginning of June so there will be a slide of events happening there, and also 2 beach festivals and as classic the One Love Festival. These are just summer 2014. In Total there are about 40 events that are in progress.  

BOGDAN DARADAN: A message for eventro.ro team.

Dilhan Gungor: I’m not sure if you can use this but we always had a saying when it comes to productions (heard it from the production guys of Thievery Corporation); Don’t assume anything, assumption is what makes an ass out of u andme.  Also of course, thanks for thinking of me, keep up the good work, dont panic and it’ll all be over soon 🙂

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